Geo-positioning Technology

On Android devices, Shixiaobao integrates dual-core hybrid positioning technology, simultaneously referencing Baidu's and Amap's location services when the positioning function is activated. SXB's hybrid positioning system effectively derives the end-user's geographic location via GPS, WiFi and LBS mechanisms. Even if a device's GPS is turned off or there is no GPS signal (when indoors, for example), the device's location can still be pinpointed to within 20-50 meters via WiFi positioning (the device must have WiFi enabled, but does not need to be connected). On iOS devices, Shixiaobao uses Apple's built-in positioning system.

Shixiaobao's global coverage on both Android and iOS platforms enables the precise tracking of end-users anywhere in the world. When there is a strong GPS signal, Shixiaobao also supports offline positioning. This means that even in GPRS/3G/4G blackout zones, where the device cannot connect to the Internet, the app can still seamlessly perform its positioning and tracking function, storing data to the device and then automatically uploading it to the Shixiaobao Central Servers, once a connection is established. Shixiaobao's geo-positioning system integrates Baidu, Google and GPS coordinates. In addition to global geo-positioning, Shixiaobao also provides English-language address translations, returning an address readable in English based on a reverse search of the location's coordinates, e.g.:

Liap Khlong Nai Chaloem Road, Tambon Bang Khu Rat, Amphoe Bang Bua Thong, Chang Wat Nonthaburi 11110, Thailand

Technology Of Image-capture

Shixiaobao provides two levels of protection to ensure the security of every photo taken by end-users. The first level is a visual watermark added to users' photos, including geotagging (details about the location, such as the address or nearby buildings), a timestamp and the end-user's ID information – all of which can be discerned with a quick glance. The second level of protection is digital watermarking, whichembedsinformation about the time the image was captured, geographic coordinates and ID information into theimage file in EXIF format. If needed, this data can be analyzed by Shixiaobao's Central Servers to verify an image's authenticity.

In addition to watermarking, each image captured through the Shixiaobao app is compressed to a file size of around 30K-50K for fast and convenient uploading via mobile connections. Shixiaobao also supports offline image uploading: when in an area without a sufficiently strong WiFi signal, the end-user can choose to temporarily save images in Shixiaobao's encrypted image galleryto be uploaded later when an Internet connection is established. The highly secure image gallery comprises individual encrypted albums specific to each task; each album is independent of the others, ensuring that images are not accidentally replaced or duplicated. As an additional assurance that each image is valid and authentic, photos are assigned expiration dates after capture, and are removed from the end-user's device after being uploaded.

Capacity & Compatibility

SXB is the only full-featured field staff management solution working across iPhone, iPad and Android devices, and it is compatible with most of the smartphones and tablets products on the market.

Compared with other Apps, SXB offers free unlimited cloud storage, which can be used by enterprises without having to worry about photos and data storage.

Compared with the solutions provided by the telecoms operators, SXB provides daily unlimited positioning services, the shortest positioning time interval is in seconds, which ensures the completeness and accuracy of positioning and tracking results.

The technology used by SXB achieves true real-time positioning instead of manually position reporting initiated by the employees. The automatic position reporting remains active even when iPhone is standby or in a lock screen mode.


Technical innovation is not the only pursuit of SXB, we are more concerned about the user experience, which has always been the criterion in the design and development of our Apps. Every interface, every decision, even the placement of each button will focus on the best user experience the operator can receive.

Compared with other industrial Apps, SXB has abandoned complex operation process and crowded menu interface. The adoption of modular design allows users to complete business operations in the shortest possible time.

The concept of SXB business process design is: simple operation, and reduced workload.

Designed for Efficiency

Built for Endurance

SXB has given thoughtful consideration on every aspect of the operations that requires extra power consumption, such as the switch settings of the power-consuming GPS module. Other power consumption items are caching mechanism of local photo storage, offline data saving and syncing mechanism, data compression schemes, etc.

Statistics: With normal network traffic, time required for the positioning is less than 1 second. Network data flow is only 0.03k per positioning request. In comparison, normal daily power consumption is 30mAh (A fully charged cell phone battery usually has 1,500-3000mAh capacity).

Learning, Using, Mastering

Made Easy

SXB is highly aware of the difficulty of management and the lack of employee knowledge on the latest technology and mobile apps. The design of an easy and straightforward operation process has been an important topic in the development of SXB.

When employees use business software, the learning cost is always a problem for the enterprise. The amount of time spent on the operation training and gathering feedback from the users are important factors managers need to consider when they choose between different business software.

SXB adheres to "1 +1 +1" three-step operation process (ie the user can complete business process in just three steps). This helps to reduce not only the training and support time, but also the resistance to use the software among the employees.

Security By Design

Better than Security after the Fact

As a business app, SXB inevitably faces data security challenges. SXB has developed comprehensive security mechanism for enterprise users.

On the mobile app side, location is the only personal information accessible by SXB, The information is protected using tools like 360 mobile guard. This is in contrast with many other mobile apps such as Anjuke, which includes other private information such as SMS records, contact records, conversation records, etc.

On the acquisition side, SXB delegates the permission of location acquisition to enterprise IT managers, while setting up protection rules such as no holiday positioning, no after-work positioning, no positioning after exiting the system, no off-site positioning, etc.

On the data storage side, the cloud server performs snapshot backup on a daily basis and full system backup on a regular basis to secure the data storage.

SXB position information system provides enterprise users with location based management solution targeting retail store inspection, medical representative management, liquor sale, field staff location tracking, field service management, sales team management, featuring mobile work attendance application, customer visit application, store visit application, business trip management, task management, photo uploading, work briefing uploading and other real-time field data acquisition applications. As the leading sales team management software, SXB attendance app helps employee improve individual performance as well as enterprise achieve greater operational efficiency.