Apple DwonloadCurrent version:3.56 (2014-02-12)
Download from:Tongbu
Android DownloadCurrent version:3.55 (2014-02-26)
Download from:Baidu SnapPea
  • 02.262014

    SXB Android v3.55 bulid140226 Released Fixed some bugs reported by the user.
  • 02.112014

    SXB v3.19 Released Added a number of new features.
  • 09.302013

    SXB iOS v3.1 ReleasedReleased new version targeting iOS 7 with optimized iOS 7 interface.
    Added additional 4 new features.

  • 08.212013

    SXB iOS v3.01 Released Implemented passive positioning in off-screen, lock-screen mode for IOS 5 and above version.
  • 06.272013

    SXB v3.0 Released
    Full support iPhone and Android devices
    Significant changes to the user interface.
    Add more than 30 new features using new technologies.
  • 04.152013

    "Attendance Manager" Launched by SXB and China Unicom
    Support WCDMA iPhone and Android phone operated by China Unicom.
    The four-dimension hybrid positioning mode was adopted for the first time.
  • 01.312013

    SXB Android v2.4 Released
    Added route tracking features to the management console.
    Added mileage calculation function to the management console.
  • 12.242012

    SXB Android v2.3 Released
    Implemented Android passive positioning in off-screen mode
    and fixed the off-screen positioning bug.
  • 11.172012

    SXB Android v2.2 Released
    Added feature for administrator to force data connection.
  • 09.212012

    SXB Android v2.1 Released
    New schedule features.
    Implemented authority binding feature to prevent unauthorized uninstallation.
  • 07.052012

    SXB Android v2.1 Released
    Implemented free message push service.
    Added GPS/Wifi/2G (3G) hybrid positioning function.
    Optimized network connectivity and improved positioning speed.
  • 05.162012

    SXB Android v2.0 Released
    Re-designed user interface.
    Integrated Inspection, Attendance, Information and Task modules.
    Cloud-based desktop environment was first introduced in the management console.
  • 01.112012

    SXB v1.1 Upgrade
    Implemented job dispatching and status query functions.
  • 10.292011

    SXB v1.0 Released
    Implemented mobile attendance check-in function.