Simple Management

SXB is designed specifically for advanced enterprise field service time management. It is available for any smartphone running Android or Apple (IOS) system, SXB provides a perfect mobile app solution for managing enterprise field staff effectively.

The software can be used for field staff tracking during the working hours, work attendance record, customer visits. It can also be used by the employee to collect field data, receive work order, provide feedback, and exchange data with the home office system in real-time;

Effective Location Management

Improves Efficiency

SXB uses industry leading GPS/Wifi/ based hybrid positioning technology. The positioning function can be switched on automatically as long as the mobile signal and data connection are available. The daily data flow with consistent mobile connection is about 1M, and daily power consumption is about 30mAh with GPS satellite positioning function turned off.

SXB is perfect for companies looking to improve the management of the field service team, This may include sales personnel, delivery personnel, after-sales service staff and retail store inspector. Our system is used in many applications. In particular, the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, such as liquor, beverage, food, medical devices and pharmaceuticals.

Well-equipped and ready to go

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